Reapers full sizePortrait

 A pillar of the community and Citizen of the Planet Calypso

I joined EU in 2005 (I think it was VU 3.x). I am the lead instructor at the Entropia Pathfinder’s Academy and currently conducting private training sessions through Skype. I am an experienced mentor, with over 30 graduated disciples. I run an interstellar manufacturing/trading business based out of Chug’s Hideout on Eudoria, where you can find me most days.  I Play Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) primarily from 08:00-24:00 and on weekends. Although I am currently out of touch with much of the changes implemented in the last year by Mind Ark, I have a large network of friends and students who are actively exploring and gathering data to keep the most up to date records.  The Academy keeps extensive records on all its research and this data is available to all its members..  I communicate out of game by Skype, email and forums. I am interested in people who are willing to communicate via email and Skype since I have restricted internet access during the work day.

What Do I do?

I am a Master Craftsman

 On planet I am primarily a Miner and Crafter.  I craft a variety of Items to include, but not limited to, Weapons, Medical Supplies, Mining Gear, and Armor. I spend many hours in Skype with my disciples and friends helping them succeed in-game.  Since I use a variety of resources as a crafter, I would be a good place for you to sell you Loot

 I am an interstellar trader.

I have a network of traders (My kids) on each planet (Except Cyrene), and make weekly runs between planets.  I pay close attention to market value for  the resources I craft with, and always try to pay a fair rate for the resources I use. As a convenience to my suppliers, I will buy anything you place in the trade window, so you can have one stop to sell all your goods.  (See My Buy Sheet for Pricing).  I also sell my wares on the internet and in the game.  I offer excellent pricing structures for my disciples and suppliers. I sell many items at or very near TT value to Society Mates, suppliers, and disciples.  I offer fair market pricing to all others. (See my Store Front for a list of my wares.)

 I am an Interstellar traveler!

I have a network of independent pilots and Mothership owners who assist me with moving assets & People between planets.  I can get hard to find product moved from one planet to the next or help move your avatar between home worlds. I will post my trading practices with full disclosure on my website; so anyone dealing with me will always understand the terms I operate under. I will always be fair and honest in my trading practices and I expect my business associates & employees to uphold these values as well.

 What I bring to the table 

At the time of this positing:

          1. I have been playing since 2005. I understand the mechanics of the game very well. I understand economy and saving/making money.
          2. I am a Professional level 33 with Ranged Weapons
          3. Level 25 Knife Fighter, level 22 Brawler, and Level 18 Swordsman
          4. Level 27  Vehicle Engineer. LEvel 21 Metal Engineer, Level 15 Weapons Engineer, and Level 12 Tool engineer
          5. Level 20 Prospector and level 17 Surveyor

Although  these stats may seem  low for someone who has been playing for so many years, I have probably chipped out and sold more skills than I currently have in most disciplines.  I find avatar skills to be less important than knowledge and strategy.  I can teach new players how to hunt economically, and I can show them the mechanics of mining.  I do not currently teach crafting, as I am still experimenting with it myself.  I buy almost anything for the right price, and will offer associates and students excellent pricing on all my wares.  I will buy limited amounts of Sweat at a decent price from my disciples.

If you are interested in learning more about my business, or the Entropia Pathfinder’s Academy contact me at:

Skype: Dragoneygaming
or add me in game: DragonEy the NightReaper and send me a PM