So you are new to the Entropia Universe

 and you’re thinking maybe you need someone  to help you learn the basics of survival.

 I agree

In the Entropia Universe there is a very special system set up to encourage older, more experienced players to spend time fostering new colonists.  

We call this The Mentor System.

A good mentor is essential to your continued success on Calypso. The problem is a Good mentor is Very hard to find.   It is the very nature of video games which interfere with mentoring. For one thing this is a Game, and real life often comes between a mentor and their ability to be there for you.adjusted_pixie_stats

As an incentive for going through the discipleship program, each disciple will receive a Set of Armor and a vehicle to use when they graduate.  The mentor will also receive a gift when their disciple successfully completes their training.  Unfortunately   this can lead to people who are not really qualified to teach new players or really very interested in helping out.  These  players  may just be hoping to gain a disciple who will graduate without really needing a lot of help, which will earn the mentor a mentor gift with little or no effort.   It is very important to find a mentor who is dedicated to your success and not just looking for a gift from Mind Ark.

 If you find a mentor who is skilled in both the martial and economic arts of Entropia, it could mean the difference between your ability to continue to play the game and going broke in the first few weeks.

 This is a VERY hard game to master. The dropout rate is phenomenal. I would say in my over 9 years playing this game I have seen well over a 90% first two weeks drop out rate.

It was my mentor taking the time to guide me who allowed me to make it past the many pitfalls I encountered when I first started.

The mentor program allows newcomers to receive info and help from veteran colonists. A mentor can help a newcomer out of difficult situations or even simply give advice on which equipment is best to buy based on a newcomers current budget and skill levels.  A mentor is someone who takes responsibility for your education in the world of Entropia.    

     It is a mentors  responsibility to inform you of the basics  of game play, and the intricacy’s of the economy.  It is NOT a mentors  responsibility to equip you or give you money.  In our opinion, a  good mentor should have been playing for at least two years.  That is the minimum amount of time it takes to really start to understand  how to navigate the pitfalls of the economy.  

     You don’t want to take a mentor who specializes in hunting  if your interest is in mining.  Many new players  decide it would be cool to be a mentor and maybe get a mentor gift, until they realize how much work it takes to be a good mentor to somebody.  It is very important to choose a mentor who has enough experience to really guide you and teach you from experience.  

     As you will find in the forums  there are many opinions and they are often repeated as facts.  A good mentor  takes the time to research the tricks, tip, and techniques he advises you use.  

     The most important thing you can do when investigating a mentor is to talk to his other disciples and see what they think of him.  You should  also choose a mentor who is diverse in their knowledge of the different disciplines and professions  available to learn in the Entropia universe. 

And most important of all,  you should  talk to your mentor on a regular basis to let them know  how  you are  progressing, and  to ask any questions  you may have.  As a mentor myself,  I try to help each colonist as much or as little as they tell me they want my help. When My disciple  just logs in and  says  hi, but does not try to engage me,  I tend to let them do their own thing, and just be there for them if they ask.  On the other hand,  I have disciples who I spend  hours each day in Skype or on Ventrillo  just hanging  out and conducting training missions.

Your responsibility as a disciple is to let your mentor know what exactly what  it is you are looking for from them.

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