The Entropia Pathfinder's 

Code Of Conduct


I am a member of The Entropia Pathfinder's Academy!

I am a member of a team!

I serve my teammates, other students, the faculty and the administrators of The Entropia Pathfinder's Academy at all times.

I have the highest moral integrity and a deep sense of honor!

I will always place my training first!

  I will never accept defeat!

I will Never quit!

I will never lie, cheat or steal to make a profit or benefit myself!

I will train to become disciplined, both physically and mentally!

I will train  until I become proficient in my chosen profession and achieve my professional goals!

When I have accomplished my goals,

 I will set NEW & HIGHER GOALS and continue to train!

I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself!

I am an expert in my chosen profession!

I am a true professional and will always conduct myself as such!

I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of Calypso in close combat!

I am a guardian of freedom and the Entropia way of life!

I am an Entropia Pathfinder!