Alpha Mission: Run to Chug's Hideout

Who the Hell are  you?

 I'm on my coffee break so go away...  

Oh, Tracker  sent you huh?  I hope your better ands smarter than the last three NOOBS he sent to me. Those idiots  did not make it one week, before Calypso swallowed em whole. 

 One guy got eaten by an Atrox trying to get "FREE" oil at the rig, and the damn revive terminal malfunctioned.  We have not heard from him since.  Maybe  someday the buffer will kick him out, but I'm not holding my breath.  

The second loser got his ass scammed in twin peaks. They got him to trade all his equipment for a 100 blazer fragments.  They told him they were Dilithium Crystals for the Starfinder warp drives.  What a joke.  There ain't no such thing as Dilithium Crystals.  He got so pissed when he found out how worthless they were, he tried to kill the trader and ended up over on Rocktropia at NO way out Prison Facility.  He is gonna be there a while. 

Don't get me started on the third idiot, what kind of jerk  goes into space in a Sleipner with no guns and without enough  PED  to get back on planet.  The pirates shot his out out of orbit in two seconds and now he is stuck on Calypso Station with no way back on planet and no way to earn money.  Hell they don't even have a storage unit up there and all his crap is locked away down here planetside.

But your Different HUH?  You won't make those kinds of mistakes will you?

 You looking for work?  I am glad to see someone who finally has some guts and isn't looking for a handout.  

I think I may have a  job for someone like you and if you do well, maybe  Ill let you talk to my Old man Draco, about joining The Academy.  You know we don't just let anyone one in around here. 

Oh I forgot to introduce myself.:

My name is DragonEy the Nightreaper and I'm married to that son of a bitch Draco, so if I don't like you, then you can damn well be sure Draco won't give you the time of day. Enough of the pleasantries.  Let's see if you can make a buck.


Get you ass to Chug's Hideout JAFWOT!  Draco is waiting for you and I don't think he is in a good mood.

  On your way  you are going to  need to gather some resources. 

There is one sure way to earn money on Calypso. There is a very special substance in high demand on Calypso. It is called Mind Essence and the Ubers are addicted to it.  

The academy has a special process for refining Mind Essence.  We make the best stuff on Calypso

The problem is the main ingredient is a substance called Vibrant sweat, and the only way to get  this  substance is from the living creatures out there in the wild.  This is a simple  process even a JAFWOT like you can master.  The only problem is that these  creatures  donít really like the process, and  tend  to  try to kill you before  you can  gather enough to make it worth youíre time.  T

 You  will need to bring a   few bottles  with you to show Draco  you have what it takes to earn a living on this little rock. 

  Donít worry JAFWOT, I hear the  imperial maintenance department  has  done a much better  job of keeping the revival terminals working  so  dying  wonít  cost  you anything.  

As a matter of fact  you can earn some  pretty valuable defensive skills  from the Mobs  as  they attack you.  


Mission Objectives:  
Skill Gains
Gain your first Defensive Skills Level Up (EVADE)
Learning Objectives 
Learn the Basics about how things work in the Entropia Universe. (TUTORIALS)
Understanding your Radar. (Navigation)
Learn the basics of sweat gathering from different sources. (Gathering)
Skills: Learn about Skills and how they relate to your Professional standing (Leveling Up)
Equipment Acquisition:
Gather enough sweat to get your first piece of equipment. (Wealth Building)


Mission Prerequisites:  During the completion of this mission you will learn a lot of valuable information, which just might keep you from asking a bunch of stupid JAfwot questions, SO PAY ATTENTION!

IN GAME Mission Requirement:  See the Immigration Official In Game and complete the following missions
 Arrival at Port Atlantis
Talk to Port Atlantis Official
 Understanding the Teleporter
Arrival at Port Atlantis 
Basic social information 
Society terminal information 
Basic economy information 
Construction machine information 
Event Terminal information 
Technician information 
Auctioneer information 
Basic equipment information 
Learn about the Repair Terminal 
Learn about the Storage Terminal 
Learn about the Trade Terminal 
Basic revive information
Find The Swamp Camp
Pathfinder Academy Training:  Read 
Read the following Tutorials
Communicating with your teammates.
Using your Radar
Entropia Forums Sweat Guide
Skills: there are no skill prerequisites for this mission.
Equipment:  There are no equipment Requirements for this mission.

Mission Completion Requirements:

On this mission you must gather :

2000 sweat


NOTE: (You may not Buy these items.  They must be gathered by your avatar or another avatar while in a team with you!)

You Must raise your skills to:
Evade: 25 Poor

Find and Record on your Map The Following Teleporters or revival terminals


North Swamp Camp
South Swamp Camp
Chug's Hideout


Research Requirements:
  1. Log into and register on The Entropia Pathfinder's Forum 
  2. Then read the Official Entropia Participants Guides
  3. Locate the following web sites and save them in your favorites folder in a new folder called Entropia
    Entropia Universe Guide
    PE assistant
  4. Search for and find on the internet at the health points, damage ability and threat level of the following Mobs:  List these mobs in order of difficulty (who would you prefer to face first in a battle) and be prepared to defend your answer. We are not asking you to just list the statistics you find.  We are looking for you to read and interpret the data then give your opinion based on your research.
    Snable Snot Young male
    Snable Snot Young Female
    Exarosaur Young
    Daikiba Young and Mature
    Combibo Young


Your Mission Reward will be:
Receive Admission into the Academy and Promotion to the rank of Pupil.
Sollomate Kiwio MKII Laser Rifle
5000 Rounds of Rookie Ammunition

Bonus Mission Reward: IF you can recruit 2 new players who complete the Alpha Mission and join The Academy.

You will receive a repairable  First Aid Med Kit (See below)


Tips & Tricks

Make sure you have that 2k of sweat when you get to Chug's.  You need to show the DragonEy and the Crew you got what it takes to not be JAFWOT and  bring something to the table.

Make sure when your running between safe zones, to pay attention to your Danger Assessment Radar (aka: DAR) 

You will need to avoid contact with the creature on the route.  Your much too much of a NOOB to try and fight your way through.

Keep the DAR zoomed all the way in and keep those red dots outside that first inner circle on your DAR and you should be ok.  
Also try walking  when  you in a big crowd of red dots.  Sometimes  you can sneak through.

Don't be lazy and ask someone to fly you there either,  your going to have to lead a mission along the same route soon, so you had better have  scouted the area and know your way around when the time comes.

Make sure you go into the Forums  and register for access to the tutorials

Why not download Ventrilo and install it then you can use your headset and microphone to talk to DragonEy and the others for some extra help on the way.

Click below to learn how to use your Radar to navigate safely

DAR Tutorial

Bonus Mission! 

You know I just thought of something. I also have an old First Aid Med Kit  back in my barracks room.  

 It is not in very good shape  but I am sure you can get it fixed up.   

I have been trying real hard to recruit some new  workers  for the boss, but I just don't have the time.  

  If you can get me two new workers, and bring em with you to Chug's,  I will give you that old  First Aid Pack.    

You'll need to fix that old  FAP, and that won't be cheap.  

Make sure you get some extra sweat to sell when you get to Chug's.

Mission Requirements:  

Bring two new disciples to DragonEy to receive a partially repaired Vivo T1 First Aid Pack

Bring two disciples and 3000 extra Vibrant Sweat to trade for a fully repaired VIvo T1 First Aid Pack and an extra 5000 BLP Ammo


NOTE: You will receive NO HELP from any member of our team "In Game" until you have completed The Alpha Mission and proven your metal. 


Check out our Ventrilo Voice Server and come join us in voice chat. (optional but highly recommended) 

Ventrilo is not considered and "In Game" source of help and you can ask questions and get advice from other Academy Members even before you have completed The Alpha mission.

Ventrilo uses a microphone and speakers but you are welcome to use only speakers to monitor chat if you don't have a microphone.