The Following Items  are for sale at the listed prices. All prices are subject to change.  I will be updating the prices  every day until I have completed the list.  Anything you see here  that does not have a Price next to it, just let me know and I will give you a quote.  IF you are SELLING than please visit my BUY SHEET to see how much I am paying.


Ores For Sale


Materials For Sale



Crafted Items For Sale: Ask Me For Current Pricing

Adomasite 118.80% Accelerated matrix 111.10%


Alferix 123.20% Adaptive Fire Rate Component 110.55%  Pitbull MK I (C,L)
Alternative 145.20% Advanced Leather Extractor 115.50% Spear MK III (L)
Azzurdite 116.60% Advanced Metal Extractor 330.00% DragonFly V1 (L)
Banite 132.00% Advanced Stone Extractor 115.50% Gungnir MK1 (C,L)
Belkar 117.15% Advanced Strategic Combat Processor 113.30%
Blausarium 117.70% Advanced Target Assessment 770.00%

Vehicles Attachments

Caldorite 118.25% Angel Scales 2750.00% Warp Drive I (L)
Cobalt 119.35% Animal Adrenal Oil 111.10%
Copper 111.65% Animal Brain Oil 110.55%

Vehicle Attached Weapons

Cumbriz 115.50% Animal Eye Oil 111.10% Porcupine MAP-13
Dianum 115.50% Animal Kidney Oil 110.55% Helicopter MMB as-41
Durulium 129.25% Animal Liver Oil 111.10% Heavy Porcupine HMAP-52 (L)
Erdorium 119.35% Animal Muscle Oil 111.10% Fire of Hell (L)
Erionite 127.60% Animal Oil Residue 110.28% Otuschi Ichi (L)
Frigulite 116.05% Animal Pancreas Oil 111.10%
Folk 110.00% Animal Thyroid Oil 110.28%

Vehicle Repair

Gangenite 133.65% Basic Auxiliary Sockets 114.40% Welding Wire
Gazzurdite 121.00% Basic Bearings 137.50% Vehicle RK-5 (L)
Glam 110.00% Basic Clothe Extractor 137.50% Vehicle RK-20 (L)
Gold 115.50% Basic Electronic Fluid Memory 154.00%
Grunge 110.00% Basic Gem Extractor 111.10%

Weapons Scopes & Sights Attachments

Hansidian 2200.00% Basic Leather Extractor 121.00% Abrer Laser Sight
Hard 110.00% Basic Metal Extractor 121.00% Alekz Precision Scope
Hebredite 127.05% Basic Processors 112.20% Bjorne Precision Scope
Himi 127.05% Basic Relays 121.00% Cinclair Precision Scope
Ignisium 135.30% Basic Screws 115.50% Dynera Laser Sight
Iolite 132.00% Basic Sensors 129.80% Bullseye 1
Iron 116.60% Basic Stone Extractor 112.20% Bullseye 2
Jazz 110.00% Basic Strategic Combat Processors 275.00% Bullseye 3
Kanerium 385.00% Basic Target Assesment Unit 440.00%
Kaz 123.20% Basic Wood Extractor 132.00%

Laser Rifles & Carbines

Kirtz 137.50% Beaten Metal Robot Scrap 112.20% Breer M3A (L)
Lanorium 111.10% Cable Slot adapter 112.20% Breer M4A (L)
Langotz 220.00% Diluted Clothe Extractor 115.50% Breer P1A (L)
Lidacon Ingot 115.50% Electronic Stabilizing Component 111.10% Breer P2A (L)
Lysterium 115.50% Energy Matter Residue 115.50% Jester D-1
Lytairian Powder 117.70% Enhanced Clothe Extracxotr 137.50% Jester D-2
Maganite 220.00% Focus Lense component 110.55% Jester D-4
Megan 130.90% Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors 129.80% GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L)
Morph 110.00% Generic Leather 111.10% GeoTrek AL17 Auriga (L)
Narcansium 129.80% GeoTrek Buttstock 126.50% GeoTrek AL21 Canis (L)
Niksarium 176.00% GeoTrek Hardened Tatalytic Converters 267.30% GeoTrek AL22 Lupus (L)
Ospra 134.20% High Def inition Gui 110.55%
Petonium 111.65% High Speed Control Comp 111.10%

Laser Pistols

Pina Colada 110.00% Inferior Clothe Extractor 113.30% True Faith
Platinum 127.60% Infrasound Emmiter 112.75% Maddox I
Punk 110.00% Interactive Simplifier Compnent 110.55% Mann MPH
Pyrite 209.00% Material Efficiency Compnent 110.55% NIP P3 (L)
Quantium 121.00% Mechano-Stabilizer Component 115.50% GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L)
Redulite 198.00% Mechanomatrix Adapter Unit I 139.15% GeoTrek H23 Crista (L)
Reggea 110.00% Metal Mountings 154.00% GeoTrek H25 Mikus (L)
Rugaritz 0.00% Metal Residue 116.60% GeoTrek H26 Elima (L)
Techno Ingot 110.00% Molisk Enamel Buttons 110.00%
Telfium 115.50% Nova 110.00%

Plasma Pistols

Terrudite Ingot 121.00% Output amplifier component 115.50% Willard Heatray A (L)
Tridenite Ingot 2200.00% Pile Of Garnets 112.75% Willard Heatray B (L)
Valurite 110.00% Pile Of Opals 126.50%
Veda 126.50% Rationalizer Component 110.01%

Laser Amplifier Attachments

Vesperdite Ingot 110.00% Robot Buffers 110.01% Shear XR40 (L)
Xeremite Ingot 110.00% Robot Casing 111.10% Shear XR50 (L)
Yulerium 115.50% Robot Component Residue 121.00% Shear XR55 (L)
Zanderium Ingot 275.00% Robot Data Link 111.10% Shear XR60 (L)
ZINC 115.50% Robot Filter 110.28% Shear XR70 (L)
Zorn Star Ingot 126.50% Robot Heat sinks 110.55% Shear XR80 (L)
Zulax Ingot 110.00% Robot Low-Loss 111.10% E-Amp 11
Robot Optical Lens 110.83% E-Amp 12

EnMatters For Sale

Robot Power Amplifier 112.75% E-Amp 13
Alicienes 117.70% Robot Safety System 110.83% Hotfoot 5(L)
Alternative 145.20% Robot Weapon  Grip 110.33%
Angelic 114.40% second rate cloth extractor 111.10%

BLP Rifles & Carbines

Antimagnetic Oil 110.28% Short Stinktree 220.00% GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L)
Ares Powder 111.65% simple I Conductors 111.65% GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L)
Binary 129.80% Simple I Plastic Ruds 111.65% GeoTrek LP470 Manis (L)
Chalmon 275.00% Simple I Plastic Spings 111.65% GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L)
Dianthus Crystal Powder 170.50% Simple II Conductors 111.65% Starkhov LPR-17 (L)
Dianum 115.50% Simple II Plastic Spings 111.65% Herman Ark-0 (L)
Dunkel Plastic 110.00% Socket I Component 110.00% Herman Ark-5 (L)
Edress Varnish 123.20% Socket II Component 110.00%
Energized Crystal Cells 181.50% Socket III Component 110.00%

BLP Pistols

Ferrus Nuts 110.00% Socket IV 110.00% Jashonich FP
Fire Root 182.60% Socket V 110.00% Jashonich MP
Florican Spray 110.00% Solar 6V Gel Batteries 146.88% GeoTrek H8 Mean (L)
Force Nexus 116.60% Solar 8V Gel Batteries 137.50% GeoTrek H15 Vile (L)
Garcen 115.50% Standard Locks 136.40% GeoTrek H40 Brody (L)
Henren Cube 110.00% Strong Cloth Extractor 132.00% GeoTrek H41 Mina (L)
Hydrogen 154.00% Super Charger Component 111.10% GeoTrek H45 Ortso (L)
Hurricane 110.55% Superior Cloth Extractor 220.00% Herman ASI-21 Jungle (L)
Inhaler 110.00% Surface Hardening Component 110.55% Svempa S40 (L)
Light Liquid 133.65% Tailoring Remnants 111.10% Svempa T5 (L)
Light Mail 2970.00% Tier I component 111.10%
Lytairian Powder 117.70% Weak Clothe Extractor 112.20%

BLP Amplifiers Attachments

Magerian Spray 137.50% Welding Wire 154.00% Rage 5 (L)
Mai Tai 110.00% Wool 111.10% Bull Tac20 (L)
Medical Compress 143.00% Bull Tac25(L)
Melchi Crystal 111.65%

Arkadia Treasure

Bull Tac30 (L)
Mojito 110.00% songtil agent 110.00% Bull Tac40 (L)
Nirvaa Cocktail 110.00% part of fossil ammonite 110.55% Bull Tac50 (L)
Oil 111.10% Khorudoul 110.00% Bull Tac60 (L)
Pearl Sand 112.75% songkra plating 110.00% Bull Tac70 (L)
Pel Liquid 110.00% Part of bronze alloy 110.00%
Pina Colada 110.00% aarkan pellets 110.00%

Rocket Launchers

Putty 110.55% part of fly amber 110.00% Eraktor Ekk 100 (L)
Quil Rubber 132.00% part of flint arrow head 0.00% Eraktor Es 20 (L)
Root Acid 112.20% part of brass alloy 110.00% Skildek Lanchead (L)
Solis Paste 119.90% chemset 110.00%
Somin Glue 118.80% part of mesquito amber 110.00%


Star Dust 112.20% part of flint axe head 0.00% Killian Longsword G2
Sweet Stuff 110.00% vedacore sheeting 0.00% Loughlin Cutter One (L)
Typonolic 125.40% snoroka alloy 0.00% Loughlin Cutter Three (L)
Vorn Plastic 165.00% Rutic Blix (L)
Wenrex 128.70%

Rocktropia Loot

Zolphic Gease 113.85% Silver party flask 137.50%
Zorn Star Ingot 126.50% rocktropia record 115.50%


robot componet res 116.60% Cleric Dagger 1B


vixen gears 825.00% Cleric Dagger 1C
Omegaton Refrigerator Type C43 © Cleric Dagger 2A
Retail Shelf ©

Make Up

Kesmek Slo (L)
Wally Shelving © Make Up Mask Small (L) Kesmek Bik (L)
Make Up Mask Medium (L) Loughlin Scratcher One (L)


Loughlin Scratcher Two (L)
Xlite-S Screen (PC)

Skill Implant Chips

Xlite-S Sign (PC) Empty Skill Implant

Power Fist

Xlite-W Sign (PC) Loughlin Smacker One (L)
Reon-W Screen (PC)


Loughlin Smacker Two (L)
Visque Display (PC) Time Travel Crystals Loughlin Smacker Three (L)
Elysian Tech Chip Mir-1 Energy Glove


Tropical Shades

Coloring & Texture

One Handed Clubber

Urban Pattern Pants Ziplex T100 Texturizer Loughlin Masher One (L)
Basic Pattern Pants Loughlin Masher Two (L)
Basic Pattern Shirt


Dino Shoes Paint Can (Blue)

Mining Finders

Mannel Shoes Paint Can (Brown) TerraMaster 1 (L)
Flame Pattern Pants Paint Can (Burgundy) eMine E (L)
Flame Pattern Shirt Paint Can (Burnt Umber) eMine FS (L)
Paint Can (Dark Purple) Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L)


Paint Can (Deep Cadmium) Ziplex TK120 (L)
Rascal Face Guards (L) Paint Can (Green)
Rascal Harness (L) Paint Can (Mauve)

Mining Amplifiers

Rascal Arm Guards (L) Paint Can (Navy) Terra Amp 1 (L)
Rascal Gloves (L) Paint Can (Olive) Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L)
Rascal Shin Guards (L) Paint Can (Orange) Level 1 Finder Amplifier (L)
Rascal Thigh Guards (L) Paint Can (Pink) Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L)
Rascal Foot Guards (L) Paint Can (Purple) Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L)
Paint Can (Steel Blue) Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L)
Corvus Foot Guards (L) Paint Can (Turqoise)
Paint Can (Umber)

Mining Extractors

Infiltrator Foot Guards (F,L) Paint Can (Violet Cream) Rock Ripper 1
Paint Can (Yellow) Rock Ripper 3
Rutuba Shoulder Guards (F,L) Miranda Violet

First Aid Kits & Heal Chips

Aquila Gloves (F,L) Vivo T5 (L)
Vivo T10 (L)
Renegade Gloves Vivo T20 (L)
Renegade Foot Guards Herb Box
Neverdie XMAS FAP
Samurai Arm Guards Gyro Combat FAP-2 (L)
Samurai Harnesss Gyro Combat FAP-6 (L)
Gyro Combat FAP-10 (L)
Scout Helmet Regeneration Chip II (L)
Scout Harness Regeneration Chip III (L)
Scout Arm Guards Regeneration Chip IV (L)
Scout Gloves
Scout Thigh Guards

Attack Chips

Scout Shin Guards Electric Attack NanoChip I (L)
Scout Boots Electric Attack NanoChip II (L)
Lacerating Attack Nanochip II (L)
Musca Arm Guards (L)
Musca Foot Guards (L)


Musca Gloves (L) Armor Defense Enhancer I
Musca Harness (L) Medical Tool Enhancer I
Musca Helmet (L) Mining Speed Enhancer I
Musca Shin Guards (L) Mining Finder Range Enhancer II
Musca Thigh Guards (L) Mining Finder Range Enhancer IV
Mining Finder Range Enhancer V
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer I
Weapon Economy Enhancer I
Weapon Range Enhancer I