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The Entropia Pathfinder’s Academy consists of a core group of dedicated veteran colonists who wish to assist any new colonists who possess the strength of will to survive and even succeed in the most hostile environment in the Universe.  

Our Academy is different from other societies in the Entropia Universe in that our Students and  Alumni span the ranks of many official societies throughout Calypso.  Although it is easier to be in the same society as your mentor it is not required by Academy Rules.  There is no official society for the Pathfinders.  

We conduct training while in teams, through the use of emails, this website, and voice chat  like Google talk, Ventrilo, and Skype.  The focus of the Pathfinder’s is to become proficient in  team tactics and develop solid relationships in the Entropia Universe.

You are free to choose any society in the Entropia Universe to join, and you are free to change your mind at any time.